Programme for Friday 22nd July

Alis Huws - Harp.

Carys Gittins - Flute.

Škampa String Quartet

Helena Jiříkovská - Violin

Adéla Štajnochrová - Violin

Radin Sedmidubsky - Viola

Lukáš Polák - Cello

The Škampa Quartet is one of the finest string quartets that has represented the Czech Republic in major concert halls around the world. With a long list of successful recordings and major prizes, the group has a strong international following.
We are extremely grateful to the members of the quartet for postponing their return to Czechoslovakia in order to appear in Llandeilo.
Haydn - Op 76 No 2
Borodin - Quartet No 2
Dvorak - F major Op 96 (American)

In Partnership with Michael Barclay